Work Package 6

Communication and dissemination

Information and dialogue among all possible actors in water RDI are key elements in developing a common vision for the water sector in Europe and beyond.

This Work Package communicates and disseminates the Water JPI activities and the CSA WatEUr results. The first objective is for the communication:

  1. enabling the exchange of information on relevant national and regional activities and agendas
  2. facilitating the coordination of such initiatives, the sharing of information, experiences, best practices, methodologies, innovative products and the development of synergies among all JPI partners and stakeholders.

The second objective is related to dissemination, which means providing information to wider audiences and also efficient knowledge transfer to particular users on a demand basis, according to their main interests in water issues.

In line with the Communication and Dissemination Strategy, the published issues of the newsletter, press releases, factsheets, reports on Water JPI events, photos, videos, posters and leaflets are available for consultation and downloading from the RESSOURCES section of this website.

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