International cooperation workshops

Two geographic workshops to develop “RDI International Cooperation for tackling global water challenges” were organised in 2017 as part of the activities to be conducted within the Work Package 6 of the ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2015, and the related Task 6.2 on International Cooperation:

These workshops provided the occasion for participants to:

  • Continue the discussions with the countries already contacted under previous activities since the Water JPI creation in order to developing long term partnerships;
  • Develop cooperation with existing international initiatives (e.g. geographical ERA-NETs);
  • Identify possible cooperation models with funding agencies / programme owners.

Based on suggestions and recommendations of the participants in the two workshops, the Water JPI will follow-up by a roadmap on International Cooperation development.

A third workshop on international cooperation undertaken by the Water Joint Programming Initiative (JPI), as part of its supporting EU-funded Coordination Support Action IC4Water, (part of Task 2.4) is looking at opportunities to develop a common strategy for International Cooperation with other European Initiatives. This workshop entitled “Towards a Common Strategy on International Cooperation”, was held on the 19th September 2018 in Vienna, Austria. This first workshop was targeted at the other International Initiatives (e.g. FACCE, PRIMA), Policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the current State of Play of International Cooperation and exchange views & share experiences to identify common barriers as well as common practices.

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