International Cooperation

International Cooperation on water research and innovation often results in benefits reaching well beyond the water sector. Common to most country development agendas are goals to provide for sustainable development and healthy water systems for all citizens.

The Water JPI has these specific objectives:

  1. Strengthening the international dimension of European water RDI.
  2. Developing durable partnerships for water RDI in the world.
  3. Broadening the impacts of the Water JPI common activities.

On behalf of the Water JPI, the new Coordination and Support Action IC4WATER launched in January 2017 is dedicated to the development of international cooperation in the Water area. 

The overall aims of IC4WATER include:

  • Increasing the scale and ambition of water Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities beyond the level that would otherwise be sustainable, increasing the overall coherence and efficiency of the use of European resources and valorising European know-how on water solutions at global level in the context of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda;
  • Making the Water JPI, in cooperation with the European Commission, a privileged and attractive partner for global cooperation in research and innovation, notably in the context of the Belmont Forum;
  • A strengthened role of the Water JPI for underpinning knowledge and evidence for supporting the implementation of related international & EU policies, and for fostering the EU’s position in global water-related negotiations and fora.

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