Sustinable water systems.jpg Sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy
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III sessione

IV sessione WaterJPI Conference 2016.jpg IV sessione
Water JPI conference roma 19-05-2016.jpg Water JPI Conference: Roma maggio 2016
    Water JPI Expo 2015


 logo_videoCoordinator.jpg   Institutional WATER JPI Video

The joint programming initiatives are about coordination between countries in Europe for research and innovation on water… listen to the interview to Enrique Playan, Water JPI Coordinator


JPI Video
The video prepared by ISPRA TV describes the challenges of the Water Joint Programming Initiative



Water is very important
Water is crucial for the development in many different sectors: for example, the agriculture sector, the health sector and sometimes even the security sector



L'eau, la nature et la ville
A film to share knowledge co-produced by Media-Pro and Graie

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