Mapping & Agenda

Mapping Water Research & Innovation facilitates a better understanding of the European water-related RDI landscape and enables the delivering of a targeted inventory of national and regional research strategies, policies and programs.

It makes also possible to examine the funding of research projects, infrastructures and mobility schemes in Water RDI and to describe relevant multi-national coordination activities taking place in Europe, providing a preliminary strategic analysis of the current water research strengths, weaknesses, gaps and barriers to cooperation.

The Water RDI mapping exercise constitutes one of the core activities of the coordination and support action WatEUr.

The analysis of the results gathered contributed to feeding the Water JPI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), and bringing exhaustive information, new perspectives and ideas to the development of the updated version of the Water JPI SRIA.

Research needs and related actions highlighted in the SRIA are structured around five core themes:

  • Maintaining ecosystem sustainability;
  • Developing safe water systems for the citizens;
  • Promoting competitiveness in the water industry;
  • Implementing a water-wise bio- based economy;
  • Closing the water cycle gap.

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