The Water JPI Coordination and Support Action for developing International Cooperation

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On the 17th January 2017, the Water JPI launched the Coordination and Support Action IC4WATER dedicated to the development of international cooperation in the Water area.

IC4WATER plans to elaborate new principles of international transnational research and innovation cooperation through concrete joint programming. It will in particular focus on the theme of UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) related to Water challenges: Within the new post-2015 development agenda, the place of water-related issues has been further strengthened. Indeed, water is at stake not only in Goal 6 to “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, divided into seven specific targets, but in almost all of the 17 SDGs.


The action is pooling resources of 19 partners in total, including 18 participating research programme owners / managers of 17 European countries and the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP).

The overall aims of the CSA IC4WATER include:

  • Increasing the scale and ambition of water Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities beyond the level that would otherwise be sustainable, increasing the overall coherence and efficiency of the use of European resources and valorising European know-how on water solutions at global level in the context of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda;
  • Making the Water JPI, in cooperation with the European Commission, a privileged and attractive partner for global cooperation in research and innovation, notably in the context of the Belmont Forum;
  • A strengthened role of the Water JPI for underpinning knowledge and evidence for supporting the implementation of related international & EU policies, and for fostering the EU’s position in global water-related negotiations and fora.

This action will be coordinated with key European and international partners in order to avoid overlap, ensure information flow and foster a multiplicative effect of international cooperation activities for all involved.

The project has received the support of numerous European and international partners:

Activities in IC4WATER will be broken down into six work packages (WPs), corresponding to each of the objectives:

Objective-1. Stepping up the international RDI cooperation between the Water JPI and Beyond Europe countries through all IC4WATER activities (WP 2);

Objective-2. Enabling framework for the Water JPI implementation through a set of activities and iterative coordination with the existing Water JPI SRIA (WP 4);

Objective-3. Identifying opportunities for future research cooperation with international partners, both from the public and economic sector, considering the existing networks such as the Belmont Forum or the WssTP (WPs 2 and 3);

Objective-4. Enhancing the Water JPI networking for further expansion (WPs 2, 4 and 5);

Objective-5. Developing a more efficient knowledge transfer through the launch of a dedicated knowledge hub (WP 4); and

Objective-6. Supporting the Water resources management Policies, in particular the post-2015 sustainable development agenda with the UN SDGs’ implementation (All WPs).

The main outputs will be:

  • A strategy for developing the Water JPI network at the international level and will facilitate its implementation in a systematic and strategic way to address the Water JPI vision.
  • A Public – Private Partnership for research development and implementation, with key economic sector representatives, such as the WssTP, to increase the development of research and innovation programmes and the take-up of research on water challenges.
  • A new Knowledge Hub related to international water challenges aiming at establishing a critical mass of research and technological excellence, through integration and sharing of knowledge, infrastructures, data and modelling tools, training and capacity building, in addition to improving communication and networking with different stakeholders’ communities.
  • Joint Actions on UN SDGs for implementing the Water JPI Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA 2.0) in the context of the UN SDGs, including a Joint Transnational Call. More information on the Water JPI 2017 Joint Call are available here.
  • A Global Impact Assessment method, integrating the impact assessment of the IC4WATER project in the context of the Water JPI activities, leading to an impact assessment method of the JPI network, to be discussed and adopted by the Water JPI Governing Board.

Work Packages:

  • Work Package 1 - Coordination and Management Project steering activities and relations with the wider Water JPI community and European countries not participating in the Water JPI community
  • Work Package 2 - Strategy for international cooperation New cooperation models with the Water JPI peers in targeted countries and a global strategy for such international development
  • Work Package 3 - Public – Private Partnership A common action plan with the economic sector: identifying barriers and assessing best practices
  • Work Package 4 - Knowledge Hub Development and implementation of the International Knowledge Hub of the Water JPI
  • Work Package 5 - Joint Actions on UN SDGs Including:
    • Joint Transnational Research Call on water-related UN SDGs - Water JPI 2017 Joint Call, and;
    • Exploratory Workshop on the Water JPI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in the light of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)
  • Work Package 6 - Global Impact Assessment of the Water JPI activities With special attention to international cooperation activities

The CSA IC4WATER will come to an end in 2021.

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