The ERA-NET Cofund BiodivRestore is a joint project between Biodiversa, a network of national and regional funding organisations promoting pan-European research on biodiversity, ecosystem services and Nature-based Solutions, and the Water JPI, Joint Programming Initiative on “Water Challenges for a Changing World”, contributing to the implementation of their respective Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas.

BiodivRestore aims to address research and innovation to support the implementation of relevant EU policies and objectives, in particular on the thematic area “Conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems and their biodiversity, including a focus on aquatic systems”. BiodivRestore brings together thirty-four partners from twenty-eight countries, including nineteen European countries, five associated countries and four third countries, in an effort to reinforce and expand international cooperation in this scientific area.

BiodivRestore is pooling resources from thirty-one national or regional research programme owners and managers of twenty-seven countries to implement a joint call for proposals, with EU co-funding, to ensure an effective conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems and their biodiversity.

In addition to the Co-funded joint call for research proposals, Additional Activities will also be carried out to further support the implementation and strategy of the Water JPI and Biodiversa initiatives, preparing a longer-term collaboration between the two initiatives. Networking and clustering activities will promote synergies of projects on conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems and their biodiversity with other relevant projects to allow for cross-projects collaboration, consultations, experience and results sharing along with joint activities on cross-cutting issues.

The overall approach of BiodivRestore is to:

  • develop a coherent and ambitious transnational programme in the field of conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems that would reinforce relevant research, promote research internationalisation and reduce fragmentation,
  • promote the mobilization of and collaboration between natural sciences and social sciences and humanities in this type of research,
  • reinforce integration of a broad and diverse range of stakeholders and policy makers, going beyond the traditional niches to address cross-sectorial and cross-policy issues,
  • increase the capacity of the research community and relationships between different research communities (from different countries and disciplines),
  • increase uptake and use of research results, notably by stakeholders and policy-makers to improve science-driven actions and policies.

The ERA-NET Cofund BiodivRestore will be implemented through seven Work Packages and related tasks which have been planned according to the specifications of the ERA-NET Cofund instrument.

BiodivRestore started in October 2020 and will end in September 2025. It will be crucial to deliver on priorities identified in the Research Agendas of the Water JPI and Biodiversa, as well as to address the new objectives of the Water JPI Vision 2020-2030.

BiodivRestore 2020 Joint Call


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