Work Package 4

International Knowledge Hub

Leader: FORMAS
Months: 1-60

This Work Package will focus on the development and implementation of the International Knowledge Hub of the Water JPI. The IC4WATER Knowledge Hub will be the 2nd Knowledge Hub of the Water JPI. It is also aimed at developing additional networking activities and a funding model for the self-sustainability of knowledge hubs. The Knowledge Hub will be a virtual centre, consisting of selected research groups and stakeholders (e.g. Joint Research Centre, UNESCO and EurAqua), within a defined area of water research, implemented by means of a real network, with complementary dimensions: Research, Networking, Policies implementation and Capacity building.

4.1 Procedure for setting up an International Water Knowledge Hub related to water-related UN SDGs
4.2 Identify different research areas for the development of the Knowledge Hub
4.3 Setting up and defining an Exploitation model for funding Knowledge Hubs
4.4 Development of cooperation tools to sustain/maintain the activities of the Knowledge Hub after the CSA closure

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