Exploring opportunities for the scaling-up of the JPI activities for water challenges in Europe and beyond workshop

Building upon the key lessons and recommendations from previous Water JPI workshops on International Cooperation and on Public-Private Partnership, the Water JPI held on 28th January 2021, within the IC4Water project, an online workshop on ”Exploring opportunities for the scaling-up of the JPI activities for water challenges in Europe and beyond”.

Gathering 45 people including representatives from international organisations such as the European Commission, World Bank, OECD, as well as international initiatives (India-EU Water Partnership), international expertise organisation (GIZ India), from national competitiveness clusters (e.g. Netherlands Water Partnership; France Water Team, Cleveland Water Alliance), from the Private sector (Data for Good), the workshop aimed at:

  1. reinforcing collaboration with enterprises and identifying thematic priorities to increase the participation of enterprises in Water JPI activities;
  2. enlarging the Water JPI partnership to other international partners;
  3. exploring opportunities for the enlargement of Water JPI activities through missions of expertise, advocacy, and knowledge & technology transfer.


Exchanges during the workshops led the following conclusions:

  • Tackling water challenges requires the active participation of different types of partners (private sector, policy, public sector and civil society).
  • The Water JPI needs to ensure a permanent dialogue with representatives from the private sector so that their needs and RDI interests are adequately considered in the implementation of future activities.
  • Technological innovations are levers for better water management but much needs to be done as regards awareness, adoption of innovations, education, capacity development, information and knowledge sharing and water governance.
  • There are opportunities for the Water JPI to enlarge its strategic contact list at the international level as several participants expressed their willingness to collaborate. This collaboration will enhance its visibility and impact of scientific activities through the organisation of thematic workshops, knowledge sharing or the implementation of demonstration/ pilot sites.


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