African and Mediterranean area Workshop

The workshop on “RDI International Cooperation for tackling global water challenges” dedicated to Africa and the Mediterranean area was held on 31 March 2017 at the Royal Tulip Hotel in Tangier (Morocco).

The main objectives of the workshop were to identify the challenges and opportunities of international cooperation, focusing on:

  • Challenges for multilateral cooperation, and
  • Solutions for better cooperation for jointly tackling global challenges through common innovative solutions and new sources of knowledge.

The workshop gathered 37 participants from fifteen countries:

  • Water JPI members: the Water JPI Coordination team from France, and Water JPI Governing Board members from Italy (MIUR & ISPRA), Spain (CDTI) and Turkey (SUEN), who are all partners of the ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2015;
  • International partners already associated to Water JPI activities: Egypt – ASRT (involved in WaterWorks2015), Tunisia – IRESA (involved in WaterWorks2015), South Africa – WRC (involved in WaterWorks2015)
  • Other Mediterranean and African funding agencies:, Burkina Faso – FONRID, Egypt – ARC, Ghana – STEPRI, Ivory Coast – MESRS, Jordan – HCST, Morocco – INRAIAV Hassan II, Senegal – MESR, Tunisia – MESRS, Turkey – GDAR,
  • Other European funding agencies: France – CIRAD & INRA, Greece – DEMETER, Slovenia – MKGP & MIZS, Spain – INIA,
  • International initiatives with possible synergic activities on water challenges: ARIMNet2, CIHEAM-IAMM, ERANETMED, Leap-AGRI, PRIMA, SEMIDE.

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