Work Package 6

Additional Activities on Implementation

Leader: MINECO
Months: 1-60

This WP includes Additional Activities oriented towards the implementation of the Water JPI during the five-year period of the ERA-NET Cofund. WP6 aims at improving the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Water JPI community and at developing activities listed in the Water JPI Implementation Plan (Task T5.3).
WP6 has the following objectives:

  1. Organising thematic meetings for sharing the good practices on funding and management;
  2. Performing exploratory workshops;
  3. Aligning and networking on-going water-related RDI projects at National or Water JPI levels; and
  4. Monitoring and evaluating projects deriving from Calls without EU cofunding.

The first objective is directed towards the Water JPI community, while the rest is oriented to the European Water RDI community.
This WP will be under the coordination of WP1.

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