Work Package 3

Cofunded call management: from kick-off to final evaluation

Leader: RPF
Months: 13-60

WP3 will implement the Cofunded Call, together with WP2. Continuity in the Cofunded Call management will be assured by the cross participation of the Work Packages leaders. This Call will seek to maximise the benefits from synergies with other water-related RDI activities taking place within partner countries, and therefore complement the Harmonisation of National/Regional Agendas. WP3 will benefit from the experience of the Water JPI 2013 Joint Pilot Call, and from the experience of individual partners in similar activities. Specific WP3 objectives will include:

  1. To define a common set of project monitoring indicators and procedures that fulfil both National and Horizon 2020 criteria;
  2. To define and agree on common reporting procedures that fulfil both National and Horizon 2020 criteria;
  3. To monitor the progress of the Cofunded Call projects throughout their lifetime, providing advice where needed on project implementation and contractual requirements; and
  4. To coordinate the midterm review and final evaluation of the Cofunded Call projects supported by the Advisory Boards of the Water JPI.

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