Work Packages

WaterWorks2014 pooled resources from 17 Funding Partner Organisations from 15 countries to implement a joint transnational call for research and innovation proposals with EU co-funding on the topic “Research and Innovation for Developing Technological Solutions and Services for Water Systems”.

The Co-funded 2015 Joint Call was implemented through nine tasks which have been separated in two Work Packages. These tasks have been planned according to the specifications of the ERA-NET Cofund instrument:

  • Work Package 2 - Cofunded Call Management: from Definition to Kick-off
  • Work Package 3 - Cofunded Call Management: from Kick-off to Final Evaluation

The implementation of the Cofunded call was facilitated by two horizontal Work Packages:

Additional Activities were also carried out to further support the implementation and strategy of the Water JPI. These Additional Activities have been prepared in two other packages:

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