Work Package 6

Additional activities to promote strategic collaborations and the uptake of research results

Leader and co-Leader: TAGEM

Participants: All partners

Duration: Month 1 - 60

The main objectives of the WP6 are to:

  • Increase the links between Biodiversa and the Water JPI and prepare for long-term collaboration,
  • Maximise the research findings’ impact by engaging with private and public sectors, and with policy makers;
  • Promote synergies and clustering of projects at the EU level and beyond, and maximize the international dimension of the funded projects through networking and clustering activities;
  • Increase the impact of the funded projects, notably through the production of policy briefs;
  • Promote open access to data and the efficient implementation of data management plans by funded projects;
  • Prepare and implement one additional joint call without co-funding or alternatively a Thematic Annual Programming - TAP action.


6.1. Preparing a sustainable cooperation between the Water JPI and Biodiversa

6.2. Activities to increase the research community impact trough clustering, networking and capacity building

6.3 Preparing and implementing one additional non-co-funded joint call or equivalent activity

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