Work Package 3

Preparation and launch of the Co-funded Call

Leader: AEI

Participants: All co-funded call partners

Duration: Month 3 - 18

The aim of WP3 is to evaluate the proposals submitted in response to the Co-funded Call and select excellent proposals for funding. Proposal evaluation will be performed in a two-step procedure based on common international scientific peer-review. WP3 will implement the Co-funded Call, together with WP2. This WP will also benefit from the experience acquired from partners involved in similar activities in the Water JPI and Biodiversa, in compliance with the European Commission guidelines for Co-funded calls. WP3 will manage the Co-funded Call from the start of the evaluation to the funding decisions of the Co-funded projects.

The use of the logical framework format in the full proposals will ease compatibility of reporting at BiodivRestore and national levels, thus simplifying the process.


3.1. Establishment of a list of potential evaluators and independent Evaluation Committee and appointment of an independent observer

3.2. Organisation of the eligibility check, evaluation and communication with applicants

3.3 Call quality assurance procedure

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