Work Package 5

Communication, exploitation, and dissemination of the results

Leader and co-Leader: ANR and FRB

Participants: All partners

Duration: Month 1 - 60

This WP consists of the communication, dissemination and networking activities to promote the participation in the Co-funded Call and enhance the increase the potential impact of the BiodivRestore actions and of the research funded projects, notably by implementing knowledge transfer activities towards the broader research communities and key stakeholders. The objectives of WP5 are to communicate on the ERA-NET Cofund activities using the existing communication and dissemination tools already developed by Biodiversa and the Water JPI (such as website, intranet, e-newsletters, social networks, Open Access and Open Data project databases, and presence in key international events or workshops). This WP will be developed in direct synergy with the Biodiversa and WAater JPI Secretariats.


5.1. Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination of the ERA-NET Cofund results

5.2. Intranet Services in support of the ERA-NET Cofund Management

5.3 Contact Point on Open Access and Open Data for the Co-funded projects

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