Work Package 6

Additional Activities on Strategy & Implementation

Leader: SRC

Participants: All AquaticPollutants partners

Duration: Month 1 – 60


The aim of this WP is essentially to carry out additional calls and, if financially feasible, to implement activities for increasing the impact of the co-funded call and for increasing alignment between the three JPIs:

1) Increasing networking and impact of all JTC projects through implementing a TP as an additional call to be launched in 2020, together with the JTC;

2) Implementing a TAP action following the elaborated joint strategy, to complement the JTC co-funded by the EC (WPs 2-4) and aligning national programmes as an additional call to be launched in 2021;

3) Contributing to progressing alignment within and beyond the JPIs community and addressing the AquaticPollutants Objectives 5 and 6 for increasing impact of JPI activities (see table 1.1)

The implementation of all proposed activities will be adjusted to the available Cofund budget.



6.1 Additional Call - Pilot of a Scientific Networking and Transfer Project (TP)

6.2 Additional Call - Implementing a Thematic Annual Programming (TAP)

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