Work Package 3

Evaluation and proposal selection for the co-funded call

Leader: Jülich

Participants: All co-funded call partners

Duration:  Month 4 – 18


The aim of this WP is to evaluate the proposals submitted in response to the co-funded call and select excellent proposals for funding. JÜLICH will assume the leadership of this WP. Proposal evaluation will be performed in a two-step procedure. WP3 will implement the co-funded call, together with WP2. This WP will also benefit from the experience acquired from partners involved in similar activities. WP3 will manage the co-funded call from the start of the evaluation to the funding decisions of the co-funded projects.



3.1 Organise an Evaluation Panel (EP)

3.2 Organise the Eligibility check and Step 1 proposal evaluation

3.3 Organise Step 2 proposal evaluation

3.4 National funding decisions and project kick-off

3.5 Call quality and risk control

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