Work Package 6

Additional activities on strategy

Leader: ANR

Months: 1-60

This WP includes Additional Activities oriented towards the implementation of the overall Water JPI objectives. The aim of this WP is to facilitate continuous progress in two strategy pillars, namely the development of a common vision between the Water and FACCE JPIs and update of their respective Strategic Research Agendas and Implementation Plans (themes and topics already covered, possible overlapping activities and synergies that could be developed between the two JPIs). This common vision will lead to alignment of the two Strategic Research Agendas in the common RDI area of Water & Agriculture and the development of international cooperation in the water challenges area. In parallel, this WP will continue to develop international cooperation beyond Europe in the Water area to develop and strengthen the collaboration between partners for future common activities.

6.1 Common vision and Adapting the strategies of the Water and FACCE JPIs

  • A one-day workshop was organised on 21 June 2017 in Bonn, Germany. The event gathered 18 experts from all over Europe, as well as members of the Water and FACCE  JPIs to develop a framework and an action plan and to discuss common visions of the two JPIs.

6.2 Developing the International Cooperation on Water challenges beyond EU

  • Two Geographic workshops  were organised on the African and Mediterranean area in March 2017 and on the American area in April 2017. The main objectives of the workshops were to identify the challenges and opportunities of international cooperation, focusing on (i) Challenges for multilateral cooperation, and (ii) Solutions for better cooperation for jointly tackling global challenges through common innovative solutions and new sources of knowledge.

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