Work Package 1

Coordination and management

Leader: ANR

Months: 1-60

This WP will manage and coordinate WaterWorks2015 and ensure: 1) seamless integration between WaterWorks2015 and the Water and FACCE JPIs, and 2) synergies with the on-going FP7 CSA WatEUr and H2020 ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2014.

All partners will contribute to this WP, which will be led by the coordinating partner. Cooperation among partners will be essential for the flexible, smooth, productive course of the project. Cooperation will need to be extended to the wider Water and FACCE JPI communities (i.e. partner countries not taking part in WaterWorks2015), to the EC (in their roles of the Water JPI partner and WaterWorks2015 funders), and to a large number of European actors in Water Research, Development and Innovation (RDI). This WP will manage the internal flow of the WaterWorks2015 activities and its relation to the core activities of the Water and FACCE JPIs.

1.1 ERA-NET Steering and overall coherence with the Water and FACCE JPIs
1.2 Consortium coordination and project management
1.3 Financial management
1.4 Project communication and reporting to the EC
1.5 Project quality and risk control

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