Work Package 2

Cofunded call management: preparation and launch

Leader: FCT

Months: 1-14

WP2 will implement the Co-funded Call in the field of Water & Agriculture, and it will cover the management of the Call from its definition to until the launch date. This call will seek to maximise the benefits from synergies with other RDI activities taking place within partner countries, and therefore complement the harmonisation of National/Regional Agendas. WP2 will be directly complemented by WP3, which will cover the rest of the Co-funded Call cycle. The division of the process in two WPs responds to a more solid organisation and task outline within the consortium. FCT will assume the leadership of this WP. This WP will benefit from the experience acquired by the WP leaders during the 2013 Water JPI Pilot Call and the WaterWorks2014 Co-funded Call, from the experience of partners (i.e. ANR, BLE, FNRS, MIUR, RCN, IWT) in the FACCE Calls, and from the individual experience from partners involved in similar activities.

2.1 Co-funded call definition and preparation: scope, documents and tools
2.2 Establishment of the Joint Call secretariat and Guidance of applicants through national contact points

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