Newsletter September 2020

Editorial Board


Kirsti Loukola-Ruskeeniemi - AgriAs project Coordinator - Geological Survey of Finland

Fabienne Battaglia-Brunet - AgriAs project

Susan Reichel - AgriAs project

Riitta Keiski - AgriAs project

Celia Jones - AgriAs project

Juha Kaija - AgriAs project

Osman Tikansak – Formas Sweden

Cristina Delerue-Matos – Rewater Project Coordinator - Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry (LAQV) of the Network of Chemistry and Technology (REQUIMTE)

Hendrikus Nouws – Rewater Project

Manuela Correia – Rewater Project

Valentina F. Domingues – Rewater Project

Sónia Figueiredo – Rewater Project

Olga Freitas – Rewater Project

Elena Surra – Rewater Project