ELO.WatR 1st International workshop on Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation for Water Reuse

Electrochemical advanced oxidation processes have been widely studied by scientists for the last 30 years in applications for water and wastewater treatment.

The novel advanced materials play a key role in electrocatalysis enhancement to promote oxidants formation through both oxygen reduction and evolution reactions. Multifunctional materials have been also recently developed to combine reactions with separation mechanisms in hybrid multi-step treatment systems.

In parallel, the new knowledge in degradation and mineralization mechanisms in real effluents, including intermediates identification / quantification and their related ecotoxicity / biodegradability, gives important information towards the development strategy for real applications. Furthermore, the use of electrochemical engineering tools for upscaling those processes become crucial for a better optimization of reactions and separations mechanisms through reactor design and hydrodynamics studies combined with modeling.

Upon the exciting new scientific and technological insights in this area of research, the goal of this first international workshop is to promote the development of those electrochemical technologies for challenging applications in water and wastewater treatment and reuse by gathering the community around the three main following topics:

  • Material sciences & interface studies
  • (Electro)-chemical reactions & kinetics

Electrochemical engineering & industrial applications

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