EWA Innovation Series : Web-seminar on Water Reuse

The participants of the webinar will be guided through the new EU water reuse regulation. They will also get an overview of already available and practically verified technologies for production of reclaimed water. The participants will learn about the experiences from large water reuse systems operated traditionally in countries of southern Europe. The participants will also get the opportunity to discuss problems connected with water reuse like public perception of reclaimed water and to share views on prospects of water reuse as an important part of the whole water sector.

Target group:

The webinar is intended for all professionals involved in water resources management, wastewater treatment and reuse, water quality control and also for specialist from the group of reclaimed water end users. There are a lot of research activities currently being conducted in the area of water reuse, and therefore the webinar will be interesting also for researchers, university academics and especially MSc. and Ph.D. students.

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