Publication of the proceedings of the International cooperation workshop – Lisbon, December 2019

The Water JPI, as part of its supporting Coordination and Support Action IC4Water, is looking at opportunities to develop a common strategy for International Cooperation (IC) with other European initiatives. IC4Water held a workshop on “Future Cooperation in Research and Innovation with countries beyond Europe” on 4 December 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. This workshop followed two workshops held under WaterWorks2015 and two workshop held under IC4WATER. It was designed to elaborate a common strategy with other relevant EU and international initiatives on international cooperation in the context of research, development and innovation (RDI) activities. It was attended by 40 participants representing international funding agencies, international initiatives (PRIMA, CEWP, Belmont Forum) and representatives of the Water economic sector. It aimed at:

  • collecting the views from International / non-European initiatives,
  • better understanding the difficulties faced to join JPI activities,
  • Proposing models for further cooperation with different types of partners.
  • Considering how to deal with possible different preferences from the economic sector (in cooperation with WP3).

This should help establishing, when possible, alliances with selected RDI international programmes.

The workshop discussions highlighted the needs to co-construct a Research and Innovation Agenda and related implementing actions, to co-define the priorities, to share the global objectives and means to achieve them, to have flexible procedures, an equitable approach and some incentives to overcome the barriers on IC.

Workshop materials are available here.

IC4Water LISBON workshop.jpg