Work Package 6

Additional activities on strategy & implementation

Leader: ANR

 Months: 1 – 60

This WP includes Additional Activities oriented towards the implementation of the overall Water JPI objectives. This WP will contribute to progressing alignment within and beyond the Water JPI community and will address the following WaterWorks2017 Objectives:
Delivering new knowledge and innovation for increasing and accelerating the uptake of results to the market and the policy development at the EU (Final review of pilot call projects and Water JPI Conference) and beyond Europe level to contribute to the growing to the International Agenda (e.g. participating in the World Water Forum).
Contributing to Water JPI implementation through the launch of a TAP action focussing on topics close to the scope of the WaterWorks2017 Joint Transnational Call.

6.1 Increasing the Water JPI visibility and impact: Impacts of the 2013 Pilot Call Projects – Led by AKA
6.2 Increasing the Water JPI visibility and impact: Water JPI Conference 2018 – Led by AKA
6.3 Research contribution to International Agenda – Led by ANR
6.4 Investigating the possibility of a TAP Water action and implementing this TAP action with the interested funding parties – Led by EPA

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