Work Package 5

Communication, exploitation and dissemination of the results

Leader: ISPRA

Months: 1 – 60

Communication, dissemination and networking activities to promote the participation in the Co-funded Call and the research achievements, in particular implementing knowledge and networking activities between the broader Water research communities and key stakeholders.
Activities in this WP will comply with the Water JPI Communication and Dissemination Strategy.
These activities will aim to:

  1. Raise the visibility of the Water JPI activities;
  2. Support the measurement of the Water JPI outreach activities (i.e. demonstrate the impact of the Communication tools, via measurable indicators) in order to complement existing tools / activities in order to fill possible gaps and maximise the impacts;
  3. Facilitate the mapping and foresight activities; and
  4. Develop an interactive e-catalogue accessible from the Water JPI website containing the description of the Co-funded Call projects and arising outputs.

5.1 Dissemination, communication and exploitation of results of the WaterWorks2017 ERA-NET Cofund

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