Water Harmony

Closing the Water Cycle Gap – Sustainable Management of Water Resources

Project Coordinator
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Prof. Harsha Ratnaweera:

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Country: the Netherlands


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The Water Harmony project closes the gap between the demand and supply in water, related to quality, quantity, circularity, reusability, human safety and economic feasibility. The project demonstrates sound and adaptive approaches to modern water management concepts that use BigData and other technological advancements to address challenges related to global environmental and societal changes; validation of innovative technologies that enable safer, secure and economically more feasible use and reuse of water, alongside addressing challenges with emerging pollutants. With joint and harmonised efforts, bringing 12 partners from 10 countries together, the project intends to increase public engagement to sustainably address the water challenges that connect sciences and society by using modern, harmonised and shared approaches. It also aims to facilitate policy decisions favouring actions that intensify efforts to close the demand-supply gap in the water sector by providing scientific backgrounds and social mobilisation of policy makers. This three-year project is a collaboration between Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Poland and Romania together with self-financing partners from USA, Australia, Singapore and China. The partners bring a plethora of experience in various aspects of water management, treatment and reuse, which will translate to knowledge shared and invested in new approaches and through innovative development and concepts that become beneficial for Europe and beyond.

Funders of the project:

Research Council of Norway (Norway),

Formas: Swedish research council for sustainable development (Sweden),

NWO: The Dutch Research Council (Netherlands),

NCBR: The National Centre for Research and Development (Poland),

CDTI: The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (Spain),

UEFISCDI: Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (Romania),

MoE-IL: Ministry of Energy of Israel (Israel),

University of Technology Sydney (Australia),

Michigan State University (USA),

National University of Singapore (Singapore),

Qingdao University of Technology (China)