WaterWorks2017 RDI Funded projects booklet

Booklet of the projects funded under the Water JPI 2018 Joint Call on Sustainable Management of Water Resources - WaterWorks2017
Project Logo Project Acronym Project Title Coordinator Participating countries
EviBAN Evidence based assessment of NWRM for sustainable water management Norway Finland, France, South Africa
logo.JPG iAqueduct An integrative information aqueduct to close the gaps between global satellite observation of water cycle and local sustainable management of water resources Netherlands Israel, Italy, Sweden, Spain
logo.JPG MARadentro Managed Aquifer Recharge: Assessing the Risks of Recharging Regenerated Water Spain France, Italy, Spain, Sweden
logo.JPG NEWTS Nudges for Economics of Water Tariffs France South Africa, Spain, Tunisia
logo.JPG RainSolution Research-based Assessment of Integrated approaches to Nature-Based solutions Sweden Brazil, Estonia, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Romania
Final Logo.png SIMTWIST Simulating tourism water consumption with stakeholders Netherlands Italy, Spain
URBANWAT Tools and criteria for URBAN groundWATer management Spain France, Nethelands
ATENAS To Ally Technology, Nature and Society for integrated urban water management Poland Finland, France
REFORMWATER Reducing the effects of forest management to inland waters Finland Sweden, Estonia, Ireland
logo.jpg Water Harmony Closing the Water Cycle Gap – Sustainable Management of Water Resources Norway China, Poland, USA, Singapore
Spy Sense and Purify: Detect, Destroy and Remove Water Contaminants Ireland France, South Africa, Spain
RECOWATDIG Poland Sweden

All information have been provided by the coordinators of the funded projects and the  data collected are processed in accordance with the Water JPI Privacy Policy and the current regulations regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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