To Ally Technology, Nature and Society for integrated urban water management

Project Coordinator

Kinga Krauze:

Institution: European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology PAS

Country: Poland


ATeNaS merges innovative approaches in the field of water storage and purification based on NBSs. This was pointed by EC (20156) as the most promising area to generate green growth, followed by social inclusion and equity being the target of ERA. Considering that, urban water management nexus requires twofold, parallel action: (1) to strengthen adaptive capacity of cities by establishing innovative solutions linking technology with ecosystem services towards one system capable to evolve and adjust to changing conditions; (2) to make investment in education, information exchange and empowering of local leaders, who are able to mobilize people effort and attention locally, to produce global transformation.

Funder of the project:

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR)