4th AQUATAP-ES Workshop Update on Water JPI AQUATAP-ES Final deliverables and up and coming events’

The fourth AQUATAP-ES virtual workshop took place March 29th 2021. Sixteen members from seven countries attended the workshop, made up of the existing AQUATAP-ES network group, members of the steering committee and the wider community of the Water JPI. The workshop was hosted by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The 4th workshop focussed on the finalising a number of the mid to long-term objectives as set out in the implementation plan. The drafting the publication paper on Ecosystem Services data needs and models catalogue, finalising brief guidance document on decision-support tools, the AQUATAP-ES network hosting ESP session in June 2021 and the final showcase event planned for June 2021.   This workshop demonstrated the increase in outputs achieved by the network participants as they work together and further develop the activities in the AQUATAP-ES implementation plan, as they are nearing the end of the activity (June 2021).

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