Water Europe

WE are the recognized voice and promoter of water-related innovation and RTD in Europe

Water Europe (WE) was initiated by the European Commission (EC) in 2004 as the European Technology Platform (ETP) for water with the name WssTP. This ETP status was renewed by the EC in 2013 in line with its ETP2020 strategy. In 2007, WE was transformed into a member-based multistakeholder platform under Belgian law. Since then, the membership and activities of the organisation have continuously grown and evolved in line with its ambition to represent the whole value-chain of water and achieve a European Water-Smart Society.

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Andrea RUBINI, SAG vice-Chair
Function Director of Operations Andrea Rubini.jpg
Phone +32(02)7068290
Areas of expertise Collaboration and WG Programme
Innovation & investment programme
Prima, SPIRE, Water JPI
H2020 / FP9 Work Programmes
Water Knowledge Europe 2018
Water Market Europe 2018


Executive Director

Phone +32(02)7068292
Areas of expertise Water sector management and research.
Durk Krol is Director of the WssTP. He joined the WssTP in 2008, first as a Board Member and Treasurer. He has worked in the water sector at the European level for the last 8 years, initially as a Senior Legal Policy Officer for the water department of provincial government of Friesland (NL). As Deputy Secretary General of the European federation of national water associations of water suppliers and waste water services (EUREAU), he was actively promoting the common interests of the European water service sector to the EU institutions and stakeholders which enabled its members to adequately deal with opportunities arising from EU policy and its national implementation. He has also closely been involved in the creation of the EP Water Group in the European Parliament.

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