Management Board

The Management Board is the executive body of the Water JPI. The purpose of the Management Board is to implement the strategy defined and issued by the Governing Board, to which the Management Board is subordinated. The Management Board is composed of the Chair of the Water JPI, the Co-Chairs, the coordinators of CSA actions and ERA-NET Cofund, and the Chairs of Task Forces. A high degree of coordination is expected between the Governing Board and the Management Board. The Chairs of the Water JPi Advisory Boards the Scientific and Technological Board (STB) and Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG) (and/or their delegates) can be invited to the Management Board for specific discussion.

Maurice HERAL Chair ANR France
Dominique DARMENDRAIL Coordinator ANR France
Estrella FERNANDEZ Co-Chair AEI Spain
Padraic LARKIN Co-Chair EPA Ireland
Giuseppina MONACELLI Co-Chair ISPRA Italy
Rui  MUNHA Alignment-Task Forcce Chair FCT Portugal
Alice WEMAERE Co-Chair EPA Ireland


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Phone + 33 1 78098120 50, avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France

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