Advisory Boards

The Water JPI is assisted in its work by two groups of advisors who sit on the Water JPI Advisory Boards; a Scientific and Technological Board (STB) and a Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG), there are usually 10 to 12 advisors in each group. Members are appointed for a term of three years with the possibility of a second appointment.

The Advisory Boards give advice to the Water JPI Governing Board and Management Board on specific issues as requested. Their main role is to ensure that the Water JPI activities continue to be relevant to water research needs, relevant to the needs of water sector stakeholders (enterprises, policy-makers, researchers, society) and of high scientific quality.

Water JPI Scientific and Technological Board
The STB is composed of pre-eminent scientists from any part of the world who are international experts in some aspect of water quantity or quality and who contribute scientific advice to the Water JPI activities. They are conducting research in the fields of interest to this JPI. The members of the STB, up to a maximum number of 10, shall serve in their individual capacity as independent of national or institutional affiliation. They shall be elected among the most pre-eminent scientists in the field. Their integrity shall be beyond doubt.

Jaime BAPTISTA Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil
Susanne BIEKER Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
Olga COVALIOVA Institute of Chemistry
Hege HISDAL Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
Alan JENKINS Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Sylvester MPANDELI (Chair) Water Research Commission of South Africa
Yolanda PICÓ
(Deputy Chair)
University of Valencia (UV)
Fiona REGAN Dublin City University (DCU)
Jean Daniel RINAUDO BRGM (French Geological Survey)
University of Helsinki
Ülkü YETİŞ Middle East Technical University (METU)

Water JPI Stakeholders Advisory Group
The SAG represents the water industry, local and national policy makers, water users, and non-governmental organisations - up to a maximum number of 12 - with one representative and one deputy per institution. The members of the SAG are appointed by the Institution they are affiliated to, and shall contribute to the board with the views of their respective institutions and provide a valuable user perspective to the work of the JPI, as well as helping in the uptake of research results. They shall be elected among the most pre-eminent institutions and professionals in the field. Their independence and integrity shall be beyond doubt.

ARC Aqua Research Collaboration
CIS and EIP Water Common Implementation Strategy/European Innovation Partnership on Water
EIFAAC-FAO European Inland Fishery And Aquaculture Advisory Commission
EUROPE INBO European Network of River Basins Organisations
EurAqua (Chair) European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations
EurEau European Federation of National Associations of Water and Wastewater Services
EWA European Water Association
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
GWRC Global Water Research Coalition
Water Europe (Co-Chair) Water Europe


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