The International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) has the following objectives:

  • to develop lasting relations between the organizations interested in comprehensive water resource management at the river basin level, and favour exchanges of experiences and expertise among them,
  • to promote the principles and means of sound water management in cooperation programs to reach sustainable development,
  • to facilitate the implementation of tools suitable for institutional and financial management, programming, organization of data banks, and for models adapted to the needs,
  • to promote information and training programs for basin organizations,
  • to encourage education of the population,
  • to evaluate ongoing actions and disseminate their results.

EU-INBO is the Group of European Basin Organizations for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive.
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Gilles Neveu
Gilles NEVEU
Function Director for Innovation and Development

Phone +33 680 68 38 81

Gilles Neveu is engineer in Industrial Chemistry and Water. He is currently the Director for Innovation and Development at the International Office for Water. His expertise covers in particular:

  • Water management: broad knowledge of Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), including floods control, regarding both technical and management issues, and public participation.
  • Human resources development: training of water professionals and local decision makers, creation and management of vocational training centres, training needs assessment, development of learning materials incl. eLearning (booklets, web based, CD-ROM).
  • Information management: design and management of documentation centres, implementation of water-related data management infrastructure.
  • Research & Development: dissemination of outcomes towards end-users, relaying needs from grass-roots users to researchers, analyse and assessment of programmes / projects ; he was the project director of the ERA-NET Coordination Action IWRM.Net, for coordinating Member-states research programmes in the field of water management.

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