The Aqua Research Collaboration (ARC) was established in January 2010. The founding members of ARC are all European applied research institutes with a critical mass and proven intellectual and professional leadership in the watercycle research in Europe. These institutes dedicate themselves, within the Aqua Research Collaboration, to the development of European research into the water-use cycle. Their aim is to collectively strengthen the knowledge basis for all water cycle stakeholders by facilitating research, supporting the implementation of knowledge, and supporting capacity building, in particular of the water-related knowledge infrastructure in other member states. The mission of ARC is to catalyse the transition towards enhanced and more sustainable watercycle system services in Europe by:

  • Increasing the stock of knowledge through research in a European Collaborative Framework;
  • Supporting, demonstrating and implementing new applications through action research with end users;
  • Strengthening the European watercycle research system by utilizing synergies between Europe’s leading watercycle research institutes and by capacity building in regions of Europe not yet connected to the European science system.

ARC has successfully initiated a number of applied European water research projects under FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020, e.g. TECHNEAU, PREPARED, TRUST, DEMEAU, DESSIN, BINGO and STOP-IT.
The ARC board is currently chaired by IWW Water Centre, one of the leading water research institutes in Germany and a prominent member of the international research community. Besides being a founding member of ARC, IWW is member of leading national and international water associations, e.g. DVGW, DWA, BDEW, WssTP, IWA.

More info:

Function Managing Director (Chief Technical Officer) Wolf Merkel
Areas of expertise Graduated in process engineering in 1985 at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany with a focus on water treatment technology. After a year as visiting scholar at Carnegie-Mellon-University working on contaminated site remediation, he worked on anaerobic wastewater treatment at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, finishing his PhD in 1997. Since 1998 he has been with IWW Water Centre (Muelheim, Germany) as a consultant and researcher in drinking water technology and water supply systems, since 2002 as managing director of IWW. Wolf is currently chair of the ARC Board.
Current fields of work: performance indicators, benchmarking, climate change adaptation, water and energy management, water safety plans, microbial risk assessment, asset management.
David SCHWESIG, delegate
Function Research Coordinator David Schwesig
Areas of expertise Graduated in Environmental Sciences in 1997 at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, with a focus on soil science and environmental analytical chemistry. Finished his PhD in the field of biogeochemistry in 2001. Since 2002 he has been with IWW Water Centre (Muelheim, Germany), where he is now research coordinator. David was heading the ARC secretariate from 2013-2016 and is now supporting Wolf Merkel, the chair of the ARC Board.
Currently responsible for shaping the research agenda of IWW and ARC, initiating and coordinating large scale integrated research projects at EU level, e.g. TRUST ( and DESSIN (, - both projects driven by a core team of ARC members.

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