2017 Transnational Joint Call presentation

The Water JPI 2017 Joint Call on “Water resource management in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” will cover two topics:

  • Multiple pressure effects on ecosystems and ecosystem services as well as effective mitigation – adaptation tools and assessments for implementing the water related targets of the UN SDGs.
  • Developing accessible solutions for clean water management to address UN SDG6 targets and associated SDGs.

The Call is funded by 12 Funding Partner Organisations from 12 countries, for a global estimated budget of 8.55 M€. This Call is for collaborative transnational research proposals. Consortia should include a minimum of 3 partners from 3 different participating countries, and researchers from other countries can also participate at their own costs. Each research Partner in a project must comply with the eligibility criteria and rules of its funding organisation. 


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