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Project coordinator: Kati Vierikko -

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) - Finland


Humboldt University of Berlin (UFZ)


Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB)


Poznań University of Life Sciences (PULS)


Universidade de Lisboa


University of Antwerpen



Climate change has dramatic consequences for the quantity, quality, and seasonal distribution of water. One result being the increased flash-flooding and soil erosion in urban areas. Nature-based solutions (NBS) aim to protect, sustainably manage, and enhance biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services, while also incorporating societal needs and challenges. Water-based NBS (“aquaNBS”) are implemented in many European cities and it is assumed that aquaNBS (e.g. ponds, streams) provide multiple ecosystem services and enhance local biodiversity. However, knowledge of their biodiversity and their links to ecosystem services provision in cities is limited. BiNatUr will quantify the role of biodiversity and its linkages with ecosystem services in urban aquaNBS, with an overall aim of improve the planning, building, restoration, and management of aquaNBS. To this aim, a holistic approach to analyse the interactions between social, ecological and technological factors of aquaNBS at three spatial scales in five European cities will be used. The study sites encompass the European climatic gradient from Mediterranean to boreal regions, enabling the transfer of solutions among regions.

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BiNatUr project

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Biodiversity, ecosystem services, mixed-method approach, nature-based solutions, restoration, small water bodies, social-ecological-technological system, urban environment.

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