WATER JPI at the 7th World Water Forum

The world’s biggest triannual water event, the 7th World Water Forum was held in Daegu & Gyeongbuk cities of Republic of Korea on 12-17 April, 2015. Water JPI was represented in the Forum with a Side Event Session named “Water JPI: Scaling-up Water RDI Activities from Regional to Supra-Regional Level” on April 15th.

Organized and moderated by the Water JPI’s Turkish partner, Turkish Water Institute (SUEN); the session enabled promotion of Water JPI for an international audience. Advisory Board member Seppo Rekolainen, from  the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), presented the structure and activities of Water JPI briefly. After this presentation, Nathalie Dorfliger (BRGM) explained the SRIA concept, as well as the current activities and future plans for international cooperation in detail. Though not crowded in numbers, the participants represented a multinational character, ranging from Morocco to Brazil. In the discussion section, the participants raised questions on ways to cooperate with Water JPI at international level.

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