WATER JPI and EIP on water presented in Rome

The annual workshop organized by the Italian “Accademia nazionale dei Lincei” to celebrate the World Water Day focused this year on the economic impact of floods and other water related hazards such as drought. The event gathered as speakers many scientists from the main Italian institutions, research centres and universities dealing with hydro-geological upheaval and the evaluation of its economic and social costs.

ISPRA’s representatives took this chance to present the EU policies to protect water resources and prevent floods, water scarcity and drought. They also drew the attention of the numerous participants to the activities of the two more relevant European initiatives on water: the JPI “Water challenges for a changing world” and the European Innovation Partnership on water which have both strong economic and social implications.
A poster and some leaflets illustrating the Water JPI were distributed to the participants in the workshop held on last 27 March in a meeting hall of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament. The workshop whose title was “ The governance of waters” was organized by the Rome section of the Soroptimist International, the Italian Hydro-technical Association, by Ital-ICID and the local Unesco Club.

WATER JPI and EIP on water presented in Rome

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