The "WaterWikipedia"

Six partners from the Euro-Mediterranean region - Italy, Spain, Portugal and France - involved in the project WATER “SHAPES” ( haven given their contribution regarding the cultural and material “forms” that water assumes in their respective countries by identifying and analysing the most characteristic and representative

cases selected over a period of time ranging from Antiquity to the early XXth century focusing on the importance of water, not only concerning its use but also in relation to the cultural and artistic meanings it has assumed over time/history. In fact the project’s originality lies in capturing the character of water resource as a cultural asset, to be preserved and enhanced in its multiple aspects, to its traditional uses, to the settlement modes it has influenced, to the architectural forms and structures it inspired in the daily need of its exploitation.

The information found by the partners during the project was collected and organized in a database (mysql) and a "waterwikipedia" ( was created as a "virtual container" through which all the research focused on the cultural significance of water can be collected and distributed worldwide. The project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Culture Programme (2007-2013)

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