The Water JPI session at 3rd Instalbul Water Forum

Organized by the Turkish Water Institute (SUEN), the 3rd Istanbul International Water Forum took place on 27-29 May, 2014. Over 3.000 registered participants from various countries showed interest in eight thematic sessions and twenty one side events of the Forum.

The plenary session of the Forum addressed the relevance of water security in emerging Sustainable Development Goals of post 2015 process. The Forum was particularly remarkable with the spirit of highlighting tangible issues of water security and legal aspects of water. Likewise, the Side Events were as productive as the main sessions owing to the efforts of the side event conveners including World Water Council (WWC), 7th World Water Forum Secretariat, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), International Water Research Institute (IWRA), International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO), World Wildlife Found (WWF) and Water JPI among others. Enrique Playán (MINECO), Patrick Flammaion (IRSTEA) and Osman Tikansak (SUEN) participated as the panelists to the Water JPI Side Event Session chaired by İpek Erzi (TUBİTAK) on the final day of the event. The Water JPI Session hosted a small, but interested group of audience who were introduced to the structure and aims of the Water JPI, development of SRIA and SUEN’s involvement in the WatEUr CSA.
The output of the 3rd Istanbul International Water Forum will be documented in detail in the following months and disseminated publicly. For the time being, access to the power point presentations of the Wrap-Up Sessions is provided via

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