First consultative workshop of the Water JPI

The first consultative workshop of the Water JPI took place the 3rd and the 4th April in Lyon (France).More than 50 people participated in the workshop between members of the Advisory Boards of the Water JPI, national experts, and members of the WatEUr Project.

Severina Markova, programme officer at the European Commission, also attended the workshop.
This first consultative workshop aimed at fine-tuning and prioritising the research needs so far identified, being therefore an essential information source for the preparation of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA 1.0).
The workshop was designed around a number of plenary and parallel working group sessions – one for each of the five themes of the Water JPI. Participants were invited to join one of those working group sessions according to their preference and research expertise.
The outcome of the workshop shows that no major changes to the SRIA currently under preparation will be made. Nevertheless, some new research needs will also be included in the agenda as well as research priorities and implementation instruments. The minutes of the workshop, with detailed information on the discussions and the proposals made by participants, will be available on the Water JPI’s site very shortly.
Thank you very much to all workshop participants for their valuable input!

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