The Fourth Meeting of the Governing Board

The Governing Board of the Water JPI met in Cyprus on 28th May 2014 for the fourth time in its history. The members of the Governing Board are Delegates from all 19 Partner Countries and the European Commission. The Governing Board is responsible for the adoption of the strategic decisions necessary for the full implementation of Water JPI activities.
The meeting was hosted by the Research Promotion Foundation based in Nicosia. The meeting was chaired by Dr Marina Villegas, Director General of Scientific and Technological Research of the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness. National delegates received detailed information about the evaluation of proposals submitted to the Pilot Call, the progress in the elaboration of the new version of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the activities, instruments, management and procedures identified to implement the Water JPI in the coming years, the first results of the mapping of water research, development and innovation in Europe, and the progress in cooperation with partners outside Europe.
Among the resolutions adopted by the Governing Board, the most important concerns the new governance model which will be adopted in spring 2015. In order to propose a new governance model, a specific Task Force was created. The Task Force will launch a consultation on governance models to the members of the Governing Board. Candidacies for the new Water JPI leadership will be submitted to the next Governing Board meeting, scheduled for 11-12 November 2014, and hosted in Oslo by the Research Council of Norway. A new phase in Water JPI leadership will therefore start in Oslo.

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