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May 3 Sunday

May 03, 2020 to May 07, 2020

SETAC Dublin is a 5-day event featuring a variety of training, networking and learning opportunities. The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) is a not-for profit, global professional society established in 1979 to provide a forum for individuals and institutions engaged in education, research and development, ecological risk assessment and life-cycle assessment, chemical manufacture and distribution, management and regulation of natural resources, and the study, analysis, and solution of environmental problems.

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March 18 Wednesday

Mar 18, 2020
Brussels, Belgium

Water Market Europe, the event cycle of Water Europe, dedicated to bringing research results and water actors together, will be on the 18 of March at the BluePoint Conference Center in Brussels.

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December 12 Thursday

Dec 12, 2019
Zaragoza – Spain

The EU Water Innovation conference 2019 (EUWIC) will take place in the Placio de Congresos de Zaragoza, Spain on the 12th of December. The European Commission aims to raise awareness about the need and urgency to improve water management across the European Union towards a water-smart society.

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November 28 Thursday

Nov 28, 2019 to Nov 29, 2019
Barcelona, SPAIN

The Second International Conference on Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (ICRAPHE)

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November 28 Thursday

Nov 28, 2019 to Nov 29, 2019
Barcelona - Spain
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October 29 Tuesday

Oct 29, 2019 to Oct 30, 2019
Paris, France

The French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (IRSTEA) and the French Institute for Oil and New Energies (IFPEN) will organize an European workshop on Bioeconomy.

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October 28 Monday

Oct 28, 2019 to Oct 30, 2019
Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Call for abstracts - We are pleased to announce that abstracts are now being solicited for the WSCC 2019; organized by the Centers for Natural Resources and Development – CNRD (TH Köln), the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí- UASLP, the International Network on Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries - SWINDON (TU Braunschweig) and the Food Security Center - FSC.