The 4th Knowledge Hub Workshop on KHCEC

The 4th Knowledge Hub Workshop for the Knowledge Hub on Contaminants of Emerging Concern (KHCEC), entitled “Scientific Outputs, Knowledge Transfer and Legacy” took place in Dublin on 24 October 2019. With 22 attendees, mainly made up of the existing KHCEC seed group, and some members of the steering committee and funding partners of the Water JPI the objectives of this fourth workshop, were to discuss the progress including the scientific activities and outputs, planned knowledge transfer of scientific outputs, future role and legacy plans.

4th KnowledgeHub CEC Workshop in Dublin, October 2019The fourth KH workshop began by providing an update on progress in the last period (March to October 2019) and setting the scene with respect to the scientific exercise that took place. This led into group exercises where participants were facilitated in brainstorming and co-creating elements of suitable knowledge transfer strategies for different target stakeholders. Stakeholders were profiled and key messages, channels, tools etc. were identified. This exercise was useful in helping participants better understand the components required for successful knowledge transfer. In the afternoon, participants were introduced to good practice with regards to developing specific communication products for different channels and then took part in a highly interactive session working to co-create communication assets for different audiences. The co-creation was extremely beneficial and highlighted the need for a mixed expertise (science + communication expertise) to be able to develop fit for purpose products for different target stakeholders. The exercises demonstrated for participants the level of strategy required for customised knowledge transfer, but the discussions also regularly highlighted the challenges in relation to effective knowledge transfer – resourcing, timeliness, roles. In particular, Seed Group members mentioned that they are extremely busy already and knowledge transfer is not always highly regarded within their own institutions/career pathway and they do not always have the skills.

The workshop concluded with an update on actions in the remaining period and legacy planning for the next period. Overall, the 4th workshop marked an evolution in the activities in the KHCEC, moving from necessary stages of set up and structuring of the platform into an operational phase where the participants were co-developing outputs and defining the KHCEC’s potential future role in transferring knowledge from science to stakeholders.

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