Water JPI Advisory Boards Meeting

The 11th Advisory Boards meeting was organised on the 2nd of October 2020 and was the occasion to enhance the involvement of our Boards in Water JPI activities. 35 attendees participated in the meeting, including nine members of the Scientific and Technological Board and eight representatives of the Stakeholders Advisory Group. The preparation of the European partnership Water4All - Water Security for the Planet - under Horizon Europe and the design of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) were the key topics of the Workshop.

The Water4All initiative aims at enabling water security for all on the long term. The partnership will be based on a SRIA, shared between the partners involved in Water4All and the relevant stakeholders (e.g. Water JPI SRIA 2025, EurAqua SRIA, EurEau priorities, FACCE-JPI new SRA, and Water Europe SIRA). Advisory Boards members were invited to provide their views on a number of relevant issues for the design of the Water4All SRIA:  (i) Key RDI needs, (ii) key performance indicators (KPIs) of the initiative, and (iii) exchange on the roadmap and procedure for the Water4All SRIA development.

To ensure complementarity and synergies with other Partnerships and with activities in Horizon Europe Work Programme and relevant Missions, a public consultation and interviews to gather stakeholders feedback on RDI needs and priorities for the Water4All SRIA will be launched later on this year or beginning 2021.