EWA Web-Seminar EU Green Deal: Research and Developments for the Water Environment

The European Water Association launches its 15th EWA Brussels Conference as a series of 4 online seminars under the theme of ‘The European Green Deal and Blue Challenges’. This web-seminar is the second.


  • Pavel Misiga, Head of the Unit for Circular Economy & Biobased Systems at the Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, Brussels (BE): ‘Water related Programs of the DG Research regarding the EU Green Deal’
  • Ronan Uhel, Head of Programme, Natural Capital and Ecosystems of the European Environment Agency (EEA), Copenhagen, DK: ‘Challenges in Europe to meet the SDGs’
  • Dominique Darmendrail, the French National Research Agency and Water JPI Coordinator: ‘WATER4ALL Partnerships’


  • Harsha Ratnaweera, member of the Management Committee of the European Water Association and Representative in the Water JPI Advisory Board
  • Bjørn Kaare Jensen, President of the European Water Association

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