Water JPI Governing Board Meeting

The Water JPI held its 17th Governing Board meeting on 4th November 2020. The online meeting facilitated discussion on the future of the Initiative, including exchanges on the budget for next year and decision on membership status for some countries. The Governing Board appointed two institutions that will be invited to join the Water JPI Advisory Boards from 2021. Furthermore, the Governing Board elected the new Water JPI Coordinator, Vice-Chair and Chair (More information here).

Thanks to the active participation of Avelino Gonzalez from the European Commission - DG Research and Innovation, a detailed discussion was facilitated on (i) the state of development of European partnerships and Member States commitments to the proposal Water4All: water security for the planet and (ii) the timeline and process for the design of Water4All strategic research and innovation agenda.

The meeting was also an opportunity to update Governing Board members on ongoing activities. In particular, the Governing Board supported a joint strategy elaborated between the AMR, Oceans and Water JPIs in the frame of the AquaticPollutants ERA-NET Cofund, and a Policy Brief produced by the AQUATAP-ES group and entitled “Integration of the Ecosystem Services Approach into Policy and Practice is Key for the Sustainable Management of Aquatic Resources”.