New Members of the Water JPI

We are happy to welcome the new members of the Water JPI and our Vice-Chair that has been voted to continue the good work.

New Chair - Giuseppina Monacelli

giuseppina.jpgGraduated in Civil Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1981 and with a post-degree in Telecommunications and Information Technologies. Expert in EU funding initiatives, she was responsible for the partnership in projects and activities in the context of regional and research programmes. After her recent retirement from ISPRA, she still is dealing with water research activities in the context of Water JPI, PRIMA and in the national consulting boards on the EU Horizon 2020 on behalf of the Italian University and Research Ministry.  She has a multi-year experience in water problems, with the application of advanced methods for operational purposes. In such position, she acted as an expert on hydrological issues and water problems in WMO for twelve years and in the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive for the Italian Environment Ministry from 2004 to 2015.

Continuing Water JPI's ongoing activities, consolidating knowledge and expanding partnerships at EU and global level to meet the many SDGs where water plays an important role, with a special focus on SDG 6, and to manage transition from H2020 to HE will be the main objectives of this mandate. The contribution of research is essential for an adequate implementation of European water policy facing the criticalities still existing at the continental level and the global challenges affecting water resources.

Vice-Chair - Miguel Angel Gilarranz

Miguel.pngMiguel A. Gilarranz is Professor of Chemical Engineering at University Autónoma de Madrid. His research interests in the field of water include catalytic processes for water treatment and valorization of pollutants.

He has been scientific and technical collaborator of the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI) since 2006 for the National Funding Schemes for Chemical and Environmental Technology, and since 2011 for the Water JPI. He was part of the team launching and coordinating the Water JPI and WatEur CSA and WaterWorks2014 ERANET-cofund. He has also participated in WaterWorks2015, IC4Water, WaterWorks2017, Aquatic Pollutants and BiodivRestore projects.

From November 2018 to November 2020 served as Vice Chair of the Water JPI. He was renewed as Vicechair for two more years, aware of the challenges for this new term: “The Water JPI faces a new period with the upcoming Horizon Europe Programme. We will endeavour to contribute to the Missions and Partnerships, having in mind that water challenges are global and need a coordinated and inclusive response.”

New coordinator – Véronique Briquet-Laugier

Véronique Briquet-Laugier was educated in both France and the USA and has a multi-cultural life and work experiences. With a PhD in Biophysics, she worked for 17 years to elucidate cardiovascular diseases and rare haemorrhagic disorders. She has also been a consultant for technology transfer in the field of biotechnologies.

Véronique was at the creation of the French funding agency (ANR) where she developed a portfolio of national, European and international programs for the Health Department.

As a French diplomat, she spent four years in India (2010-2014) as the Science & Technology Counsellor of the French Ambassador in New Delhi, where she launched the Indo-French Water Network, a first experience in the field of Water management and policy. Recently, she also spent two years as a diplomat in South Africa as the Cultural, Science & Innovation Counsellor of the French Ambassador in Pretoria.

Expert for the French government (Nanomedicine & Forensics) Véronique still sits on evaluation panels for the European Commission in Brussels. She has been honoured with the rank of Chevalier-Knight of Ordre National du Mérite by the French Government in 2014.

Véronique joined the Water JPI in October 2020 as the successor of Dominique Darmendrail. On the 4th of November the GB elected her as the Coordinator of the Water JPI for the next 3 years.